What we’re looking for

We are always looking for people willing to share a story or two on the podcast. We realise that this can be quite daunting, and people in general tend to think that their lives aren’t interesting enough to be recorded and shared. All we can say to that is that we are yet to find a person for whom this is true. In our experience, everyone has a story worth sharing.

At the moment, we are looking for people to interview for season 1 of the podcast. We are open to talking to absolutely anyone, so long as you can speak English (unfortunately Martin’s rather limited linguistic capabilities set the limit here) – though please don’t feel that your English has to be perfect!

Writing a comprehensive account of what we may end up talking about is an insurmountable task – one might even argue that it would be impossible. As such, if you are at all interested in getting involved, or simply curious about the podcast, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to answer any e-mail that comes my way, or even give you a ring or meet for a coffee to talk more about Letzcast (or anything else, really).

..and more specifically

To give an clearer idea of topics that are of interest for season one, we are particularly interested in:

  • General stories about how life has changed since you moved to Luxembourg
  • Experiences that stand out to you
  • Difficulties you have encountered along the way
  • What brought you here

These are questions that anyone can answer. In addition, we would also love to hear from people:

  • …who have started a business in, or moved a business to, Luxembourg
  • …who moved here to support their partner (i.e. who did not themselves have a job upon arrival)
  • …who came here on their own, i.e. without family or friends, to start a new career or for any other reason
  • …who has sought asylum in Luxembourg, or work with asylum seekers in any capacity
  • …who work directly or indirectly with integrating us foreign folk into Luxembourgish society

How it works

Martin’s approach to interviewing is quite pragmatic, and he doesn’t have a set list of questions to ask. Instead, we tailor each interview to the person on the other side of the microphone. If you want to share a quick anecdote and nothing else, we’re happy to arrange that either over the phone, or bring a microphone to wherever you might be. Our favourite way of interviewing, however, is to bring along one or two portable microphones and just talk for a while. This could be at your place of work, out walking the dog Mylo, or anywhere else.

Editorial concerns and your rights

Anyone who agrees to participate and be interviewed will have full editorial rights over such parts of each potential resulting episodes as pertains to their recording. That is to say, you will get to hear the episode in full prior to its publication – and the episode will not be published prior to your approval.

If you are not fully happy with how ‘your’ episode or your segment of the episode turned out, e.g. if you feel that something you said has been misinterpreted or misrepresented, you can ask for this to be edited prior to publication. You can also ask for your episode and/or segment to be scrapped altogether. You can be assured that nothing will be published unless you are 100% comfortable with how you are presented and portrayed.