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Episode Four – Fredrika from Ouni

Hello all,

This episode is a little bit different, as it’s our first episode which doesn’t focus on someone’s experience moving to and living in Luxembourg. A few weeks back I wrote an article about plastic waste in Luxembourg for RTL Today. One of my colleagues sent me a link to a report which showed that Luxembourg is the second worst offender in Europe when it comes to producing plastic waste – a whopping 52kg per person and year, compared to the EU average of 31kg. (more…)


Episode Three – John-Paul Gomez (

Hello all,

This episode features John-Paul Gomez, or JP, of fame. Originally from the US, JP has lived in Luxembourg for over a decade. He has become something of a local celebrity through his satirical news blog,, through which he shares is rather sardonic views of life in the Duchy.

We talk about the Wurst, of course, but also news in Luxembourg more broadly, what brought him to the Duchy, neighbours who don’t say Moien, and much more.


Episode Two – Mike McQuaide (An American in Luxembourg)

Hello all,

This episode features Mike McQuaide, better known as “An American in Luxembourg.” Mike has lived in Luxembourg for about five years, and in that time has managed to secure an audience of over 15,000 followers for his popular facebook page, An American in Luxembourg, where he writes, sings, and shares photos and videos of his adventures around the Duchy.

We talk about moving to Luxembourg, learning the language, the popularity of his page, his new book, and much more.


Episode One – Steven Weinberg

Hello all,

This first full-length episode of Letzcast features teacher and photographer Steven Weinberg, who while born in the Netherlands has lived in Luxembourg for over 30 years. We talk about his many adventures with “the little one” (his car), how he became a teacher, the virtues of learning Luxembourgish, and much more. Remember to subscribe to Letzcast on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, or your favourite podcast app.




Hello all,

We are hard at work bringing you the first season of the podcast, but there is a while to go yet. We are still recording interviews, and we are still (and always) looking for people to talk to. If you know anyone who might have a story to share, or if you do yourself, please do feel free to drop us a line. In the meanwhile, you can listen to the very first little trailer of the podcast above. There will be lots more to listen to in due time, so do stay tuned.